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rice bran

Can anyone out there tell me if they have fed rice bran and if so what are 
the benefits of it.  I have a 14 year old arab geilding I am conditioning to 
start doing the 50 milers ( first race will be August 28th GERA) .  He is a 
very hard keeper, hard to put and keep weight on.  Especially in this heat we 
are having now.  I live in North Alabama (very humid).  He has that "I wanna 
go" attitude anytime I ride him so I want to make sure I have him in the very 
best possible condition before the ride.  The rice bran I have found here is 
very expensive ($34.00 a bag)  I don't mind buying it if its really going to 
benefit my horse.  I would appreciate any imput....

Cat and Ramsey

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