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RE: Prednisone

Prednisone is a short acting antiinflammatory. Withdrawal
time is 24 hours (by AQHA, AHSA, ARCI and FEI violation
standards). I suspect, but don't know for sure, that AERC
follows the standards of these organizations (esp. AHSA)
regarding threshold drug levels.


p.s. the same publication gives bute a '7 days after therapuetic
regime' withdrawal time.

>>  The horse was scheduled for an
endurance ride this weekend, but I will ride my other horse instead.  He
seems ok (no side effects), and my vet assured me that the prednisone "will
not test."  But I don't want to be accused of violating the drug rules, and
I'm not sure I
want to compete on a horse that is either on a prednisone high or coming off
of one.  How long should I wait before I enter another competition???  (At a
local ride last month, ride management did not  let a horse start because it
had gotten a prednisone shot the morning before.  They wouldn't have known
the rider hadn't said anything.)  Any thoughts??

Karen Steenhof
Boise, Idaho

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