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Tevis focus coverage


You are a champ for doing this again this year - I know my family and
friends who couldn't be there last year really appreciated it  - despite
the fact that ridemanagement lost me for 3 hours and drove my crew crazy
with worry.  So...could you possibly add me to the list this year?  I am a
little shy about asking this, but it's really for my family and friends,
and especially the people 'back home' who helped bring Echo into condition
with the loving care and attention he got this year after I moved to Austin
Texas from the SF Bay Area. My friends decided I had to finish this ride
this year, after getting as far as Francisco's last year with Echo before
being pulled (maybe you saw my ride story in  the Tevis Forum pink section
this year). I am determined not to let them down!

My ride # is 266, Echo is a chestnut with a wide blaze, and I will be the
one with the huge smile on my face for each and every one of those 100
miles (promise!)  

Thanks SO much, and I hope you have a really great time - I know we will!

Carolyn Stark Schultz
(former Californian learning to be a Texan, y'all)

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