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Diazinon Spray around Horses

Cheryl Newbanks

We are having a real bad mosquito season and I need to spray my
property.  I would like to use Diazinon spray and was wondering
if any of you have used this spray around horses before?  My vet
wasn't familiar with this type of spray but says that if I spray
it that if I wait 24 hours before I put the horses back in the
area I should be o.k.

Also if you know of a really good fly and mosquito spray for horses
I'd appreciate it.  The Absorbine horse fly spray I've been using
is supposed to last 3 days, of course I have to spray it 2x's a
day right now and they are still getting bites all over them.  So
I am hoping by spraying the property it might decrease the bites
on my horses too.

Cheryl Newbanks
SW Region

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