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1999 PAC update

Here's the most recent 1999 PAC press release. It's going
to be a BIG event - 120 entries so far. US, Canada, Argentina,
Brazil, Chili, Germany, England, Romania, Sweden, Denmark, UAE - the
opening ceremony should be spectacular!

Endurance Net is going to be doing online coverage of the
event again. It's going to be a little spotty since I'm
riding (gulp) and John is my groom (*gulp*), but Mike Maul
(1994 WEC Internet Reporter Supreme) is going to be
helping us out. We'll relay info to him via internet and
cell phone and he'll make sure it gets dispersed to Ridecamp
and updated on the webpage. We might be able to recruit
some more help once we get there too.

I've also updated the webpage (
as of today - a little more info, and a more complete list of
ride entries. Still don't have any South American team rosters
and don't have all the European teams either. Should be
getting them soon though.


1999 Pan Am Endurance Championship
August 3 - 8th, 1999
Spruce Woods Provincial Park
(Press release - Myna Cryderman, July 20)

Spruce Woods Park in the center of southern Manitoba is about to host the
Pan Am Endurance Championship. There are over 110 horses from over a dozen
countries entered. It is likely there will be well over 500 people staying
right on site and many more staying in lodgings as far away as Brandon.

Endurance racing is a World-Class sport where horses and riders cover a
natural cross-country course of 100 miles in one day.  There are veterinary
checks at  intervals to insure the horses are fit to continue.  The clock
is running until the horses pulse reaches a pre-set criteria.  The fittest
horses will recover fastest and get out to the vet checks the quickest.
 This is an actual race and the first "fit to continue" horse and rider
across the finish line will win the Pan Am Gold Medal.  Last year at the
Pan Am pre-event the race was won by a horse and rider from California in a
time of nine hours and 16 minutes.

Endurance racing is not yet an Olympic sport but is in the process of
becoming one. Because it is not yet an Olympic sport, the Pan Am Society in
Winnipeg did not want to include it in the Pan AM Games despite the fact
that the governing body of Olympic Equestrian Sports (F.E.I.) wanted to see
it included.  So a group of dedicated western Canadian endurance riders
took on the task of hosting the event in conjunction with the Games with
the blessing of F.E.I.  These individuals took on the immense task of not
only organizing such an event but raising the necessary funds as well.  The
local community surrounding the park has been a wealth of volunteer
assistance. Horse owners from all over the province have answered the call
for volunteers and will be out in force on August 7th to help with the
timing and recording for the veterinarians.  There will be over 18
veterinarians on site to control the horses and treat any needing
assistance. These are world-renowned veterinarians in the field of
endurance.  We are very fortunate to obtain the services of such qualified
vets. The officials come from around the world as well.

We will be hosting colourful Opening Ceremonies on August 5th from 3:30 to
5PM.  The RCMP in the Red Surge will carry the Canadian colours to lead the
parade followed by a piper.  The horses and riders will follow each
carrying their country's flags.  There will be Native dancers and singers
in the parade as well. Following a banquet the dancers and singers will
perform around a bonfire to entertain our guests from around the world. A
dance will follow.

The race itself will start at 5 AM on August 7th.  All the trails are laid
out in large loops which start and end at the central vet check station.
 So all the action will take place at the one location.  One loop, the
third loop, follows the road out to #5 highway and crosses on the bridge.
 The trail then follows along the highway weaving in and out of view for 6
miles along the highway.  It then crosses the highway at one of the 6 water
tanks on the trail and returns to the bridge, again weaving in and out of
view.  There will be many opportunities to view the horses as they race
along this loop of the trail. We expect the horses will be on this loop
from as early as 10 AM to mid afternoon.  The front runners could possibly
cross the finish line as early as 3 PM.  The times are very dependent on
the weather.  Hot weather slows the horses down.  The public will have
viewing access to all the vet checks and to the finish line as well as much
of the third loop of the trail.

We would like to encourage media and the general public to come and watch
some of this unique, exciting international equestrian event.   Come and
see what is possible without the benefit of government money, through the
enthusiastic efforts of a few individuals and a lot of community

If you require further information please contact Myna  Cryderman, Box 657,
Boissevain, Manitoba, R0K 0E0, phone 204 - 534-2390 , Fax 204 - 534-2257 or

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