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Colfax Coal Rush

The Colfax Coal Rush ride held at the NRA Whittington Center at Raton, New Mexico was a fabulous ride and I second everything Susie Jones said in her post.  I had the good fortune to ride the 25 miler and it was fantastic!  The two loops I rode were challenging, fun and absolutely beautiful.  My favorite spot was "Cleopatra's Bath".  And, if any of you want to know what it looked like, you'll just have to go do the ride next year!  Base camp was in a beautiful grassy canyon with plenty of room for everyone.  Sue Norris-Romero and everyone who helped her did a great job of putting on a first class ride.  The trails were marked well enough even for me (my husband never lets me leave basecamp without my GPS)!  The gentlemen that I met from the NRA Whittington Center were beaming with delight as I gave them my blow-by-blow description of the fabulous trails I rode and thanked them profusely for letting us ride there.  I hope some of the 50 milers and fun riders will come on Ridecamp to tell of their experiences, but I heard numerous comments of "beautiful, fabulous, well-marked, fun, gorgeous, and, I hope they do it again next year".  The evening banquet was fabulous - complete with a cowgirl poet who brought tears to your eyes with "The Last Cowboy".  The prizes were too numerous to mention - everyone felt special.  Personally, I think the t-shirts with Sue's artwork on the front are collector items!  The raffle was excellent - my husband won a beautiful hand braided halter that everyone at my table wanted!
Thank you Sue and everyone else involved in this ride for all your hard work.
Jan Mutchler & Willow (we'll be back next year!)
Littleton, CO 

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