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RC: Re: pulling on bit

At 08:43 AM 7/20/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Yes, Sue, you must be good with tools, 'cause YOU hit the nail square on the 
>    I've "retrained" flat track  Arabian horses and Thoroughbreds and most
>those horses "wanted" TRAINED.
>    Speed, sometimes, can be the only place for a race horse to HIDE and 
>"escape" dealing with the insecure feelings that can arise in them when
>to do things for which they've been given no preparation.
>    Good post.
>Frank Solano.

Thank you.  I have had some incredible instructors...the most prominent one
(the one that had the most influence on my schooling) was an Irishman with
the soul of a saint...who started his horse training career as a jockey in
Ireland at the age of 14.  He went on to train classical dressage in Spain
for 20 years.  

James knew how to handle the track horses and retrain them in the classical
methods -- it was a wonderful experience to watch him...and to have him
teach me over the years.  We had several in my barn that he worked with and
I would show up at as many of his schooling sessions as I could...and now
regret ever missing a one because I was too tired or had other stuff to do!
 He died 3 years ago on horseback (training a beautiful young TB for the
track) from a massive stroke at the age of 54.  He will be the one I will
always claim had the most important influence on my life...and part of that
was is his incredible sensitivity to the horse's needs during their
training and what they had gone thru before they got to him.

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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