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Re: Tevis Vet Research Assistants Needed!

Just FYI for everybody, I have a bunch of private posts asking if this
ongoing research is the same project I did the past few years at Tevis.
It's not, my project (at least at Tevis) is completed, Dr. Leonard's is a
different study. :-)

Susan Garlinghouse
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Date: Monday, July 19, 1999 1:39 PM
Subject: RC: Tevis Vet Research Assistants Needed!

>URGENT request for volunteers:
>Continuing research into the performance factors of Endurance Equines is
>to take place this year during the Tevis Cup Ride Event, this coming
>July 23rd, 24th and 25th.
>Starting at the pre-Ride Vet-in at Robie Park, each rider's mount will be
>weighed on a low platform scale, specially configured to assure maximum
>for the animals being weighed (no rails or other obstructions.)
>We need at least two volunteers willing to help Dr. Steve Leonard with the
>of the scales on Friday morning and then to "work the scales" with
clipboard in
>hand, recording the weight of each entrant.  These volunteers will then be
>needed to assist with reloading the scales onto Dr. Leonard's truck (or
>up a "spot" volunteer or two to assist.)  The setup and data gathering
>will be repeated at Foresthill and at the Finish.
>> If you would like to volunteer, please reply to to me as soon as possible
>> or call me at one of the numbers below.
>Note that this is a sizable commitment of time and effort for these
>Their assistance will be necessary most of Friday, plus all of Saturday
>the day and all night until the last riders are in early Sunday morning.
>more than just two volunteers will allow for a rotation among weight
>> Reward: Recognition for a job well-done, plus a 1999 Tevis Volunteer
>Although participation in this research effort is not mandatory on the part
>Tevis participants, we hope that most, if not all, will recognize the huge
>benefits to all Endurance riders that derive from these efforts.
>Related research undertaken at the HorsExpo event in Sacramento earlier
>summer showed that some horses loose from 50 to 70 pounds over a period of
a few
>hours exertion and then gain back a high percentage of it during recovery.
>weight measurements during Tevis this year will aid in assessing, for
>what is the "normal" range of weight loss and recovery for events of this
>/richard goodwin, teviswebguy
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