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Simu Endurance Ride

This past Saturday I held a Simulated Endurance Ride at my place for a last
work out for my Pan Am horses, (two Central Time Zone horses & 2 leased
horses), and it also served as a fund Raiser for CeCi & Darolyn's race &
travel expenses.  It was a wonderful success & I first want to help all the
people who helped plan and volunteered to work the ride, not to mention all
the wonderful participants who came to ride.

Laura Petrie, Debbie Moss, & Rachael Weber were fantastic at everything from
making ride schedules and maps,  to taking ride entries on the day of the
race.  The Maynards & McBrides brought lots of muscle, help, Ice  & venison
to cook... all shapes and sizes...    Even a wonderful new rider from
Oregon, Julianna Sowash, who'd flown in to look at a lovely App Mare I
have... pitched in on Friday and helped mark trail.

A nice thunderstorm both cooled things off (a little) and delayed the start
of the race, but luckily not so much rain as to make the crossing of Cypress
Creek impossible.  What was almost impossible was the temp/humidity.   Temp
ranged from 80 to 90 most of the time, humidity was 98%.  It hurt worse to
stand still and try to cool by sponging in puddles, then to just keep
Most of what would be deemed the "hot doggers", only traveled about 6-7
miles an hour in this sauna bath, and indeed battled the quick sand in
Spring Creek as well.  Only a handful of people actually got to experience
the fright/delight of quicksand and no person or horse was injured.

Dr. Andre Perron (an associate of the famous T-Bone of Navasota TX) was our
control Vet and with even his limited experience of Ride Vetting, did a
great job.  He was in training too, as he will be the Team Vet for Joaquin
Avellan/Venezuelan representative for PAC.  There were a few hot ponies, but
nothing at all threatening, so we felt it was a great success.  I really
thought we might get to show Dr. Perron a case of thumps, but the riders
were to cleaver & not one case did we see.  Most riders stopped at the 16
mile range, (honest guys... it felt like 30) and a few of us hardy souls did
about 30.   & seriously... when one factors in the heat, humidity and sand
factor, it did rival most medium 50s I have done.

Anyway... All the PAC horses finished well and healthy.. so hopefully they
will think they have gone on vacation when they go to Canada next month...
"Wow, does this ever feel good mom!"
And one more big thanks to all the dear friends that put them selves out
there this week either helping or riding.

Darolyn Butler

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