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Sun headache--GONE!!

Thanks to everyone in ridecampland who responded to my plea for
headache relief. Lif Strand suggested Emergen-C, a fizzy
electrolyte/vitamin C powder with magnesium, potassium, etc. Just so
happens I had some (amazing that I dragged it all the way out here from
Maryland and didn't think of using it) so mixed it up and chugged it.
By golly, it started me on the road to recovery--it's like holistic
Alka-Selzter. Others suggested sinuses/allergies, which I'm prone to,
so I worked on that angle next with some hot steam and a bit of
acupressure. It took a couple of hours, but the migraine is really
gone. And next time I ride, I will freeze a combination of orange juice
and lemon-ice GatorAde suggested by Karen Chaton <hope I'm not giving
away your secret recipe, Karen! ;-).

Thanks again.


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