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Re: VERC 50/100

Well, I was there and unfortunately pulled at 42miles...  My horse is an
Appaloosa mare and while we were almost holding our own, she wasn't quite
right and the vet agreed with me.  She was only off on the cap. refill...
All in all, it was not a fit day for man or beast!  I have ridden in the
area on numerous times...  these trails were the toughest I've ever
seen --especially all grouped into one ride!  This ride is also a run for
humans and I had one runner tell me that he'd run all over the country
including the Rockies and found this to be a real test!  I agree...  I'm
sure hoping that Dr. Heather Hoyns and Bill finished.  A real nice team and
a pleasure to share the trail with-if only for a little while!

Best wishes,
Vickie Smith
Lincoln, VT

PS  Scooter loved going with the runners..  Can we do another ride with

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