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August AERC International Newsletter

August AERC International Newsletter

Written by Pamela Burton,


Pan American Championships….August 7, 1999

	Event organizer, Myna Cryderman, writes that she has received entries from
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden,
Romania,  UAE, and Australia.  Most of the zones in Canada and the US are
sending their full compliment of 12 riders.

Site information:
Winnipeg is the capitol of Manitoba.  Spruce Woods Park is 61,000+ acre and
boasts many winter sports and summer horse rental and riding trails.  The
topography is forest, sand dunes, white spruce-covered sand hills,  and
mixed grass prairie.
If going to Canada…remember that the exchange rate is in the U.S. favor with
the U.S. $1.00 = $1.50 Canadian.  Most Canadians will take your U.S. money,
but it will be more cost efficient to exchange money at a bank or exchange
center, as they will generally give a better exchange rate.  Gambling and
drinking legal age is 18.
 Keep up-to-date on PAC events on the website at

  Thanks to all the Zone reps for the news of their teams.


1.  Cynthia Bell  		Wameco
2.  Julie Bullock  		Tashi Ashara
3.  Linda Crandall 		LR Fergeym
4.  Debbie Gordon  	 	Saizahra
5.  Patti Pizzo  			SAVAQ
6.  Dana Reeder   		Wyle a way Iris
7.  Stephen Rojek  		Hawk
8.  Rita Swift  			Cass
9.  Amanda Taylor  		VP Bojtok
10. Constance Walker  		DML Smoke Silver
11. Lana Wright  			LL Stardom

CENTRAL…Alphabetical order

1.  Candy Barbo  			Augustus
2.  CeCi Butler  			DB  Conquistador
3.  Darolyn Butler 	 	DB  Babs Razmataz
4.  Melissa Crain 		Charbiel
5.  Gail Fiebelman  		Zeck   Obsyssion
6.  Mary Fields  			Christiansen
7.  Roberta Harms  		Sha Win
8.  Mike Jaffe  			Coyote
9.  Joe Mattingley  		JA  Flair
10. Jim Wisemsan  		Cyrano HC
11. Jan Worthington  		LM Mastermind
12.Genie Wunderlich  		Twister

Alternates,  In Order

1. 	Gail Fiebelman  		Zeck  Pepi Lass
2. 	Betsy Reeves  		Karazanns Karisma
3. 	 Lori Windows  		Gandie
4. 	Patty Crawford 		Sassy
5. 	Sue Phillips  		King Stearman
6. 	Darolyn Butler  		DB  Cassels Marcus

1. 	Harriet Aiken 		MC Raptor
2. 	Sandy Brown 		Ruby
3. 	Bruce Burnham  		Jjoqhuir
4. 	Karen Binns-Dicamillo  	Zazarr
5. 	Linda Fisher   		FC Extreme
6. 	Janet Fredrickson  	Sharteka
7. 	Suzanne Hayes     	SSA Csea Dream
8. 	Clark Palfreyman		Sloan
9. 	Debi Sanger			Novah PR
10. 	Mary Ann Severin		Galaxias SWA
11. 	Sandy Skinner		SHA Hasans Asadd
12. 	Stephanie Teeter		Nature’s Khruschev

Alphabetical Order

1. 	Conrad Briggs		Blaze
2. 	Shellie Hatfield		Major Attraction (Stoney)
3. 	Dory Jackson		DHC Nassahr
4. 	Linda Johnson		MC Tron
5. 	Sherman Leitgeb		MC Cytlason (Sonny)
6. 	Wendy Lumbert		Whip
7. 	Susie Morrill		McFyre Flyte (Fyre)
8. 	Lari Shea			Avantii
9. 	Marcia Smith		Sammson CC (Saam)
10. 	Joyce Sousa			MC Dillon
11. 	Kathy Thompson		LS Zane Grey
12. 	Darla Westlake		MC Ramz

Joyce Sousa			Jim Bob

1. 	Andrea Bianchi		Robin Hood
2. 	Gary Ceragioli		Desert Roses Raz
3. 	B. Jane Cloud		Ezer’s Cloud
4. 	Jack Enderle		FAD Silver
5. 	Anita Fiondella		CF Precarious
6. 	Brian Reeves		RB Royal Brand
7. 	Valorie Weizer		Copper

1. 	Barbara Cameron		Zoneyna
2. 	Eve Comrie			Dakota’s Ladyhawk
3. 	Larry Handzuik		Misty
4. 	Kim Hofmarks		Dakota
5. 	Christy Janzen		Tais
6. 	Bob Spoor			Brown R Riseyn
7. 	Claudia Harper		Castanea Cavalette
8. 	Joan Spiker			Gallager
9. 	Beth Bisson			Nadeana
10. 	Juanita Gibney		Sir Bazharr
11. 	Amanda Winder		Dark Shadow
12. 	Trisha Dowling		AU Kari On
13. 	Karen Badger		N.S. Sahiba
14. 	Bob Toothill		BG Tazim
15. 	Bianca Loseth		Kikuyu
16. 	Lisa Somerville		VB Bey Ruler
17. 	Diane Duperron		Coralina
18. 	Len Fox			Markoss

Chef d’equipe, Brenda Miskimmin
Team Veterinarian, Roxy Bell DVM
Team Manager, Grant Balmer
Equine Sports Therapist, Pat Robertson

Thank you for your support on the fund-raisers and raffles…Many are still
ongoing and the teams need the money. You can still help.
 Lari Shea, from Pacific North reports that raffle tickets will be sold at
Tevis for several tour vacations at her ranch on the California Coast, and a
breeding to her Akhal-Teke Stallion, RRR Russia.
	Patti Pizzo, USA East,  wants to thank all those who bought raffle tickets
for stallion breedings, shirts, and those who just sent $$$$$!

Eclectic British Team from U.S.
	Due to a timely change in the FEI rulings “ you can compete for the country
for which you hold a passport”,   Palo Alto rider, Dominique Freeman, will
join a number of other U.S. ex-pat Brits riding for the British Endurance
Riders Association (BERA). You may also support their team by buying
T-Shirts and other raffle items.

1.  Theresa Mc Hugh		Spring Nevada (California)
2.  Gillian Pearsall		Ariis (Texas)
3.  Jennifer Noblin		DAF Bobbi Sox (Texas)
4.  Prue Critchley		Keylen TH Censor (Canada)
5.  Tricia Mellor			Fort William (Canada)
6.  Dominique Freeman 	Fire Mt. Fancy  (California)*  (½ sister
to Fire Mt. Flikka who competed in Dubai 1998)


WEC  Pre Pre-Ride, Compiègne, France
June 5, 1999

News is still ecstatically filtering in from the French ride. Our U.S.
“ambassadors” learned a lot; how to navigate through the paté  and frois
gras to the ride site, what a wonderful chemin (trail) they had, what
weather might be….and a peek at the competition.
 Georges emails from France that several of our riders were eliminated “pour
boiterie” (lameness).  The winner of the race, a Mlle Peringerard, won on
her “jument” (mare), Varoussa.  This competitor had also ridden in Dubai for
	Tony Benedetti reports that the ride terrain was “perfect, flat trails of
sandy loam.”  He is certain this ride was like no other in the U.S. as the
Vet checks were “on the front park of a chateau. “
And what history!  This ride area north of Paris was used for centuries for
riding and hunting parties by Kings and nobles.  Joan of Arc was captured
here while helping to defend Compiègne.
	Many thanks to Mary Lutz and USET for helping to sponsor our riders in
France. Look for updates in this column on the team and ride  for WEC 2000.



	New Zone Representatives to be elected.
	The deadline to nominate to serve as your zone representative for the
International Committee is October 31.  To nominate you must be a member of
AERC International. Please include with your nomination to the AERC main
office,  a short (50 words or less) candidates statement.
Your $10.00 membership to AERC International helps support the U.S. in
International team events.  You can compete or travel with friends to
International venues while you learn.  If you would like to join in the
fun…compete or crew, contact the AERC headquarters and ask what you can
do…and thanks.

If you have items of interest for the International Column, please email
Pamela Burton at
Phone 925-229-9960, Fax:  925-229-9961.  Looking forward!

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