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How Bucky is Going to Kill Me!

Vincent J. Attardi
I have been SO busy this week. I wanted to thank all of you for the many well wishes and encouragement Bucky and I received. I am pleased to announced that it appears Bucky may make a complete (?) recovery!  He has been improving since Tuesday and Treatment stopped yesterday.  The Drs. X-rayed his feet today and found no... I repeat... 0% rotation of the hoof (cannon bone?).  It is nothing short of a miracle and I can't help but think all those well wishes, prayers and good vibes out there had the most to do with his recovery.

I will not have a chance to see responses right now... I am traveling for the next week (running out the door now).  But thank you again and perhaps we can see what Bucky's future is in about 10 days when I get to pick him up and bring him home.  The vet in charge of his care is going to debrief me fully on how his endurance prospects may look like.

Thanks again!

Bucky & Vinny

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