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Re: RC: Re: SIDS

I presume that the original poster was, indeed, referring to SCID (Severe 
Combined Immunodeficiency) as Stephanie described, rather than SIDS (Sudden 
Infant Death Syndrome--crib death that occurs in human babies).  Stephanie's 
description of SCID was excellent.  I have one question for the original 
poster, though--when you state that the filly was "diagnosed" with the 
problem, does this mean that she had the genetic test for it, or that she is 
actually ill with the disease?  If the situation is the latter, then the 
death rate is 100%.  If the filly has had the genetic test, and is only a 
carrier, then she will be clinically normal, but anyone who owns her needs to 
be aware of SCID and what it is, and ensure that if she is ever bred, she 
only be bred to a non-carrier.  Clinically, the word "diagnosed" would lead 
one to believe that she actually is ill and this syndrome has been determined 
to be the cause, but the fact that the filly is apparently for sale makes me 
wonder if "diagnosis" in this context was used to describe a 
less-than-perfect genetic test.  Whichever is the case, the outcome (and 
hence any advice one could offer) are completely opposite!


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