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Anybody Else Think This is Funny?

Lynn Glazer (quoting a jump course rider) said:

"I was nervous before the class, the jumps were really big on the big
field", she added. "It was a long way to get around and I was really tired
at the end and had to basically keep galloping.  It seemed like we were out
there forever.  It must have taken at least five minutes to get around the
whole thing....

Well, it *is* funny on the face of it, but it is my guess that
riding a jump course is more of an anaerobic activity, like
running a sprint, than an aerobic activity.  It may be short,
but it is very intense and can be wholly exhausting.  From my
very limited experience learning to jump a course (and I was
never any good at it), it was kind of like doing a downhill
slalom course--everything you did in every split second had an
effect on every remaining second of the round and there was almost
no margin for error.  Five minutes is a long sprint.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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