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Re: RC: How I may have killed Bucky

Dear Vince,
From a farrier and farrier's wife points of view...founder is what CAN
happen after a bout of laminitis.  It is secondary to laminitis and can
vary in its severity.  The terms are often used synonymously.  Founder
is actually a nautical a foundering ship.  In severe cases,
the coffin bone can actually sink through the sole of the foot.  The
good news is that your horse is in a good place getting the best care...
a foundered horse is not a dead horse or a useless horse.  Caught early,
a case of laminitis doesn't necessarily have to develop into founder
with the proper treatment.  For more info go to and
check out their laminitis page.  They have wonderful information on the
latest treatments.  You obviously love Bucky and he obviously loves
you...our prayers are with you.  Take care and concentrate on can't control yesterday or tomorrow.
Maggie (the farrier's wife)

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