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Anyone Else Think This is Funny?

In this week's California Horsetrader, the cover story is "Winning With The
Pros-Junior rider Daniela Curto and Graceland take the Oaks $5,000 Hunter

Inside, the article says, "This was my first big win on her," said the 17
year old. "She was a hand-me-down from my older sister, and I got really

"I was nervous before the class, the jumps were really big on the big
field", she added. "It was a long way to get around and I was really tired
at the end and had to basically keep galloping.  It seemed like we were out
there forever.  It must have taken at least five minutes to get around the
whole thing.

"The mare is great, athletic and likes big jumps.  She's not as impressed
with junior fences and it was nice to get out there on the big field after
being squished in little rings."

I ROFLMAO, **5 whole minutes**?  Admittedly, a dressage lesson with the
need  to apply  tons of leg on a uninterested horse can wear me out, but 5
minutes of galloping?  <sheesh>

hey, it's hot here too, but Bobbie, we had some humidity today in your honor

Ontario, CA
Norco Riverdance Ride (PS) 9/4/99
and Rem-member Me, Celesteele

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