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Re: RC: RE: Has anybody seen this?

Jerry & Susan Milam wrote:
> The camelbacks are the best idea to hit endurance since I don't know
> what!...The down side is you can't cool your horse off with it with 
> the sipper stop on, but if you take it off, it flows pretty good.

And it flows really good down your leg on a cold day when
you mount up and scrape the sipper off on the saddle in
the process. 

Mmmmmm, wet leg in very favorite...

I ended up switching the shoulder tube to my left side in
the end, because I kept scraping the sipper off and sitting
in a wet patch, so to speak ;-)

> I got the 70 oz Monsoon model and found it's a great size. If you plan
> to hose your hose off alot a larger size might be better for you.

But can you actually ride all day with 70 oz on? I found that
it was too much for my puny back. Unless it's a ridiculously
hot day, I seldom fill mine more than half way - my back just
can't carry that much water without resorting to constant whining...

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
Repotted english person in Sacramento, CA

with Mouse and Provo

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