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Re: RC: RE: Has anybody seen this?

Linda & Maggie,

The camelbacks are the best idea to hit endurance since I don't know

I've been using one for a couple years and they're great for the rider,
just tilt your head to the side a little and suck. The down side is you
can't cool your horse off with it with the sipper stop on, but if you
take it off, it flows pretty good.

I'm just ordering a refill bag for mine cause I've used it so much. They
make a better bag now with a wider opening for filling so you can add
ice cubes and also freeze the bag as well if desired without problems.

I was just going to order the new bag from Performance Bicycles..they're
on-line and you can order as well. You'll find them at and the camelbaks are in the Hydration section.
I got the 70 oz Monsoon model and found it's a great size. If you plan
to hose your hose off alot a larger size might be better for you.

Happy Tails,

Susan & Fly Bye

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