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RE: Has anybody seen this?

Title: RE: Has anybody seen this?


Look in the archives under Camelback or Camelbak.  I've been using one for the last 4 years.  They are great & I stay much more hydrated with one than I would with a water bottle.  It's hard to drink from a bottle at a gallop (I end up choking), but I can easily sip thru the tube.  They are hotter than not using one, but the better hydration makes up for it in my mind.

Get the padded shoulder straps.  Get the cleaning kit.  (Fuzzy sip tubes are AWFUL!)  Fill it up and get out the excess air to prevent so much sloshing.  It will change you center of gravity ever so slightly.  I have one for my back and one in a fanny pack - more stable but it can interfere on the cantle during steep up/down hill climbs.  Some come in a fancy back pack with pockets & loops to put important "stuff".

You can find them in bike stores, Sport Tack, and others I'm sure.


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From: Maggie Mieske []

Over the weekend I saw a biker with a really cool "pack"...He had it
filled with Gatorade and it was sort of like a pouch and had a long tube
which came up and around and was like a straw...all he had to do was pop
the tube which I think he had near his neck???? and drink.  It looked
really nifty.  Elimates the need to remove a bottle.  I wondered perhaps
if it might also help to cool the rider...the biker said the opening is
large enough for ice cubes.  Well, just wondered if anyone had used this
thing.  Sorry if it's already been discussed previously.  I must have
missed it. 

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