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taking care of rider

One thing that has helped me through many miles (including Tevis) is a product called Gookinade. You can get it from REI. It tastes much better than Gatorade and doesn't nauseate me. It has less sodium and more other stuff I need. I learned about it while backpacking the Grand Canyon in 113 degree heat. The park rangers there recommended it.
I purchased a 70-oz Camelback from REI, in which I mix my Gookinade. On a long, hot 100 I also carry two bottles of water in a fanny pack, allowing me to drink it or to use it on my face, wounds,  horse, etc. The Camelback fits right above the fanny pack nicely. It does sometimes bounce at a certain trot, but I can tie a strap around my hips to control that if it bothers me.
In camp hold times I drink some V-8 or orange juice for potassium. I
eat nuts, trail mix, tostitos, fresh kiwi, pineapple, grapes, orange slices,or crackers and peanut butter, nothing heavy until after the ride. My body tells me which thing I need to eat at the time.
As for food on the horse, I carry a Power Bar. The oatmeal raisin and apple crisp ones are not too sweet. Hope these suggestions help.
Mary Fields

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