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Club Foot

Hi everyone,

My horse (Ty) has a slight club foot (right front).  I ride 50's but he came
up lame on the last ride.  No swelling, heat etc.  Absolutely nothing to go
by.  Anyway that was two weeks ago, lots of rest and I am riding him now and
he seems fine.  My question for all of you is, is there anyone else out
there competing successfully with this kind of problem.  Is there anything
that I should be watching  for?

My farrier thought that since he is a little more up-right in that foot he
is working harder and causing more stress and perhaps this horse will not do
what I want him to do - which is 100's.  Is there anyone out there competing
successfully with this slight deformity at the 100 mile level?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Prince George, BC

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