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Re: Summer Breeze Vet Checks

Yep, last year when we went to Summer Breeze, the inspector met our trailer to ask for coggins papers before we even thought about unloading.  Nice enough gentleman, but don't forget those papers! 
There was an away check last year, but it was right on a nice lake where you could literally take your horse and let him stand as deep as you please.  There was also lots of shade and nice (if they can ever be considered nice!) pit toilets.
One of my favorite things about the ride is the "swimming hole."  Don't forget your bathing suit if you like to swim!  This "swimming hole" is actually a lake large enough for large power boats and is surrounded by the knobs.  There is a beach for the swimmers.  Very pretty and VERY inviting after a long ride.  It's about a mile's walk from camp, but somebody is always driving in and out of camp and can give you a ride.
Yes, I'll agree that camp can be very hot and the primo parking places go fast.  I'm considering getting one of those roof tents and trying to rig it up so that the horses can reach it safely for shade.  Otherwise, we'll do like we did last year and try to park close to the wooded area so that the horses get some shade during the day.
Susan Swope-Attardi
AERC Southeast Region

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