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RE: Crupper

Title: RE: Crupper


We put ours on so that we can slip a finger between the inside edge of the crupper and the under side of the horse's tail when we first saddle the horse.  You will still get a <little> slippage, but very little.  We never snug it down completely tight - the horse might resist to rounding if the crupper bit in everytime we asked for it.  With the breast collar & crupper, you should have a "zone" within which the saddle has to stay.  You have to weigh the horse's freedom for movement with the need to snug the saddle down.

Always be sure to get the tail hairs out from under the crupper's dock.  The hair can chaffe them pretty badly.


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Subject: RC: Crupper

Now to the question, how do you size it?  Tighten after you
go up a little hill, so the saddle settles into his back?
How tight should it be?

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