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Re: Introduction

Thanks everyone for the welcome.  I would apply individually, but so many of 
you said hi, I'd be here till midnight, and my ponies might be aggravated at 
the lack of dinner forthcoming!  To answer everyone's question, I am in 
Northern Florida...heat and humidity central.  I figured what better time of 
year to get in the first three months training of walk/corto.  That way, when 
it cools down some, we will be ready to move faster and longer.  :)  I was 
eyeing the endurance ride calander and saw one for the middle of December 
that was only 25 miles, and I couldn't help but be tempted.  I guess I'll 
have to see how Alpine does.

As for the riding alone thing, today was our first.  He hollered until we got 
out of hearing of the other two, then settled down like an old campaigner 
with a minimum of spooking (I do have to admit that lizard that ran under his 
feet was definatly there to eat him!).
I was very proud of him.  He didn't buck, rear, spin, bounce, or try to leave 
me.  He looked behind him a lot for the first 1/2 mile and kept falling over 
his feet, but settled down and remembered that he had manners.  Yeah! 

Anyway, thanks for all advise and hello's!

Juli and Alpine

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