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RC: Summer Breeze

>> The ride entry says that there is limited shade in camp, which means that I will probably be in the middle of a field with no shade for Apache.

Hi April,
At the Old Dominion this year -- which was relatively cool for the OD,
but which still got hot in the afternoon -- a couple of horses were
having trouble recovering at the 70-mile check (Pitlick-Bernstein) which
had little shade. Matthew Mackay-Smith advised a couple of riders/crew
members to put a little hat on the horse to cover his face and eyes to
help recovery. One rider put a baseball cap on her horse, and it helped
to bring the pulse down. In addition some crews are now setting up
freestanding shade areas at the vet checks and in camp--sort of like
tents with no sides. They're big enough for a couple of (friendly)
horses, riders and crew people to get out of sun during the hold.
Good luck, and be careful in this heat.
Bobbie, staying indoors in Maryland, where it's at least 100 degrees and
about as humid out there.

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