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Hi, I just joined the list and thought I would introduce myself.  My name is 
Juli Bechard and I have a five year old Paso Fino that I just started 
conditioning for endurance riding.  We just started last week, so we are 
still in the 3-5 mile walk/corto (Paso for a trot) stage.  I was just 
wondering if anyone else here has ridden a gaited horse in endurance.  I know 
my Alpine can go forever if he wants to...I usually get tired way before he 
does, so I thought this would be the sport for him.  Anyway, we just moved 
out to the country, and he moved into my backyard for the first time.   I've 
never had sole care of a horse, it's kind of nice to get up in the morning, 
feed, turnout, then ride.  We have access to hundreds of miles of trails off 
the back of my property, so conditioning shouldn't be too much of a problem.  
If anyone has any suggestions for teaching them to trail ride by themselves 
without any theatrics, I'd love to hear them.  I plan to start trying this 
morning after he digests breakfast.  Usually we ride with my roommates 16 
year old thoroughbred and her 2 year old Appaloosa ponying along, but the TB 
is lame this morning, and I have the feeling Alpine needs to learn to go out 
by himself.  It ought to be interesting!  Well, I have rambled long enough, 
and if you've reached this far in this post, I commend you on it.  Thank you!

Juli Bechard ( and
Alpine-5 year old palomino Paso Fino, 14.1 hh, goofy as heck!

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