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Re: RC: Re: Summer Breeze


The advice Steven gave is EXCELLENT - for dry climates.  It doesn't work as well
in the humid mid-atlantic area!  If you electrolyte heavily starting the night
before the ride, nothing "bad" will happen.  The horse may make up any deficits
from the trailer ride over and might drink a little more.  (Remember that in the
east, endurance riding is preceded by endurance DRIVING!  6-9 hr drives are the
norm!!)  If he gets too much of the 'lytes - it becomes part of an expensive pee

During the ride, I would be cautious electrolyting heavily if he wasn't
drinking.  He WILL need electrolytes (by syringe, probab;y) during this ride.
Practice this at home, and weart a rain coat the first time.  You'll wear more
than he'll take.

A wet towel over the face & neck is fantastic if the weather is dry & you can
cool by evaporation like out west.  If the humidity is high (here in WV it is
95* and 98% humidity today) the towel acts as an insulator, just like water
sponged onto the horse and left on.  The damp towel warms up and heats the

The best way to cool out is LOTS of water.  We buy a number of bags of ice to
dump with water in a manure bucket.  We sponge the horse, sluice it off, and
sponge some more until the water coming off of the horse is cool rather than
hot.  You can go thru a LOT of water on one of these hot, humid rides.  Even
more so with a non-Arab.  (Hubbie rides a black QH/TB cross, so we know.)

For shade in camp - try attaching an awning/tarp to the trailer so the horse can
stand under it.  I would practice this at home first!!!

BTW - if you're riding this one bareback again, be prepared for NO SKIN left on
your legs & seat...  it will soak your pants and rub like the dickens.  Times
like this makes me VERY glad to use a saddle!!!

Linda Flemmer

steven wrote:

> Please do not over electrolyte especially BEFORE any ride, you should sponge
> as often as you can. The sponging will bring down the critters Core temp.
> and will also clean the sweat pores as well as prevent chafing.
> I have learned that if you can put a damp towel over the critters eyes and
> face it will cause the horse to relax as well as cooling it head.

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