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Summer Breeze

Hi, gang,

  I'm getting ready for Summer Breeze and I'm getting a little nervous about
the weather.  Here in Southern TN, we're having 90s with high humidity.
Fine for us this time of year, but also hard to get decent conditioning
rides in without riding in the middle of the night.  So I started thinking
about the actual ride.  I think we're conditioned enough (well, HE is!  ;>),
but the heat?  I'm thinking of opting out of it and waiting for cooler
weather maybe.

Do I just sponge as often as possible and electrolyte like crazy?  He's
drinking well on our conditioning rides (pleasing to me), and I put powdered
electrolytes in his feed after EVERY conditioning ride.  We ride after 6 or
7 pm (lowest humidity of the day and temps starting to lower) and our trails
are often shaded.

I'm also worried about after the ride.  The ride entry says that there is
limited shade in camp, which means that I will probably be in the middle of
a field with no shade for Apache.  I don't like that idea, either.  Any
ideas for this new kid?  Am I just worrying about nothing?

April & Apache
AERC #20813
Chattanooga, TN

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