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Teens at Tevis?

Hi, folks!

I'm going to Tevis this year (for the first time) as crew and to see
the sights.  My sister has decided to send my 17-year-old nephew out
for a visit that week, so I'm going to haul him along with me.  We'll
be going up to Auburn on the 20th.  Are there going to be any other
teenagers there that I could introduce Tim to so he'll have someone his
own age to talk to?  Tim comes from the Kansas City area, is
non-horsey, but his family is very sports oriented.  He's from a pretty
conservative middle class family (there may be some things he sees that
we'll have to ask him not to tell his parents about!  (: > ), and is
not the trouble-causing type.  If anyone has any ideas on how I can
keep him from being bored out of his mind, please e-mail me privately.



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