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Went to your page and it was a lot of fun!  Great idea--someone in
Calif. should copy it for our state.  Your riding picture with (is it
silver birch trees?) is great!  It looks like a fun place to ride. 
Enjoyed the personal sketch too.  Much more interesting when you"know "
the person who writes the letters!  


John B.Ayers wrote:
> I solved the problem of "Male Comfort" by getting
> a Road Cart. No special clothes (except helmet and
> flack vest) are needed!!
> For Father's Day I got a Sigma Sport 800 bicycle
> Speedometer for the horse cart. It uses a magnet
> on the wheel  to generate an electrical pulse for each
> revolution of the wheel. The wheel is 143.75 inches in
> circumference so one pulse equals 143.75 inches.
> The magnet that came with the unit was designed to
> slip over a wire spoke and did not lend itself to mounting
> on the wooden cart spokes, so the bike shop substituted
> a round magnet. I drilled a small hole in the inside of a
> wheel spoke and slipped the magnet in. A through-screw
> secures it.
> The sensor is mounted on the axle and transmits a pulse
> to the display unit each time the magnet passes. The sensor
> uses radio frequency, so there are no wires between the
> sensor and display (an extra $20). The basic Model 800 is
> $24.95.
> At first the unit read high, and I determined that at low speeds
> the sensor was generating a double pulse. Rotating the sensor
> 90 degrees solved THAT problem. The display did not read
> consistantly below 5 MPH, so I added a second magnet dis-
> placed 180 degrees from the first and recalibrated the unit
> using half the circumference.
> Today we went 7.89 miles in 1hour 41minutes 28 seconds
> at an average speed of 4.66 MPH, and had a maximum
> speed of 11 MPH wire in the heart rate monitor
> and indoor/outdoor thermometer <g>!! And maybe my cell
> phone and laptop computer??
> And guys, it's got a compartment under the seat to carry beer!!
> John and Meshack (Where's he gonna stick the thermometer probe?)
> (Vermont Equestrian Activities)
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