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I solved the problem of "Male Comfort" by getting
a Road Cart. No special clothes (except helmet and
flack vest) are needed!!

For Father's Day I got a Sigma Sport 800 bicycle 
Speedometer for the horse cart. It uses a magnet 
on the wheel  to generate an electrical pulse for each 
revolution of the wheel. The wheel is 143.75 inches in 
circumference so one pulse equals 143.75 inches.

The magnet that came with the unit was designed to
slip over a wire spoke and did not lend itself to mounting
on the wooden cart spokes, so the bike shop substituted
a round magnet. I drilled a small hole in the inside of a
wheel spoke and slipped the magnet in. A through-screw
secures it.

The sensor is mounted on the axle and transmits a pulse
to the display unit each time the magnet passes. The sensor
uses radio frequency, so there are no wires between the
sensor and display (an extra $20). The basic Model 800 is

At first the unit read high, and I determined that at low speeds
the sensor was generating a double pulse. Rotating the sensor
90 degrees solved THAT problem. The display did not read 
consistantly below 5 MPH, so I added a second magnet dis-
placed 180 degrees from the first and recalibrated the unit
using half the circumference.

Today we went 7.89 miles in 1hour 41minutes 28 seconds
at an average speed of 4.66 MPH, and had a maximum
speed of 11 MPH wire in the heart rate monitor
and indoor/outdoor thermometer <g>!! And maybe my cell
phone and laptop computer??

And guys, it's got a compartment under the seat to carry beer!!

John and Meshack (Where's he gonna stick the thermometer probe?) (Vermont Equestrian Activities)

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