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RE: interference boots and interfering

The mare I own now, River, a.k.a. Ditch Witch (we know all about pawing and
digging to China), had old interference marks, both hind ankles when I got
her. Sure enough, due to traveling close behind, she pretty much had to wear
ankle boots behind. She isn't base narrow behind but he foot flight pattern
has an inward swing that causes the shoe on one foot to nick the ankle of
the opposite leg. I dug out my shoeing books then approached my farrier
about doing some moderate corrective shoeing. Also looked thru the bulletin
boards at for ideas. I asked the farrier to lower the
outer walls very slightly and make a very slight trailer on the outside
heels. Really not even a trailer, just straightening the outside branch of
the hind shoes. He said I was wrong about which wall to lower (me and all
the farriers that I had gleaned info from). He said he'd do what I asked
though. It made my horse interfere worse. However, I then had cause to
change farriers to someone much more competent. He looked at the walls and
said my farrier had really lowered the inner walls and only humored me
verbally. The new farrier actually gave me what I asked for and voila! no
more interfering. Also, no sign of stress to the hind legs from the
"corrective" shoeing as it was really only a very slight change, no great
big honking trailers, just improved support on the outer walls. River now
tracks straight behind and hasn't had boots on since last year.  For those
of you who have horses that brush or interfere behind you might consider
giving this a try.

Bonnie Snodgrass
Southern Maryland

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