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Re: RC: Helmet Opinion Check


I was in the Army (active) and National Guard for 11 years, hated my 9 lb
steel pot because of neck problems,which persist to this day but not
related to my military service.  You'll be pleasantly surprised by the
newer riding helmets, might even forget it is even on your head.  Try
either the Troxel Sport or the Lex Lidlocker if your head is roundish, the
Troxel Legacy if it's oval.  Because of lots of falls over the years, um, I
have one of each.  (Gotta send the other two to Trox for the free of these days!)  My old helmets go to a handicapped riding
group, once they vet out ok.


>Thank You for the encouragement and the reminder :)  I've
>gotten used to the outright stares and snickers for my
>horse.  And our, um, less than matching bargin bin tack :)
>I do need to get a helmet though.  I have always had a
>intense hatred for helmets ... I was in the Army, and the
>helmet I had to wear for that gave me severe migranes.
>But, I have been talked into attempting to wear one.  I
>have a State Line tack catalogue ... they seem to have
>several versions of a "Troxel", is this a respectable one?
>> Don't pay any attention to what other people think.  And
>> wear your
>> helmet!!!  A friend of mine went on a wagon train and she
>> was the only
>> one wearing a helmet and she was the only one to have an
>> accident on her
>> horse and landed on her head!  (This is an extremely
>> experienced rider,
>> by the way.)  Thank goodness for the helmet.  Other
>> people will be
>> interested and you can explain about endurance riding to
>> them.
>> Amber

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