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Re: RC: Opinion Check

Thank You for the encouragement and the reminder :)  I've
gotten used to the outright stares and snickers for my
horse.  And our, um, less than matching bargin bin tack :) 
I do need to get a helmet though.  I have always had a
intense hatred for helmets ... I was in the Army, and the
helmet I had to wear for that gave me severe migranes. 
But, I have been talked into attempting to wear one.  I
have a State Line tack catalogue ... they seem to have
several versions of a "Troxel", is this a respectable one?


> Don't pay any attention to what other people think.  And
> wear your
> helmet!!!  A friend of mine went on a wagon train and she
> was the only
> one wearing a helmet and she was the only one to have an
> accident on her
> horse and landed on her head!  (This is an extremely
> experienced rider,
> by the way.)  Thank goodness for the helmet.  Other
> people will be
> interested and you can explain about endurance riding to
> them.
> Amber

Hope, Spazz, Dixie, and Jester
Nebraska --
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