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Re: RC: Opinion Check

Kit wrote:
 Anyway, it's basically a 5 day 125 ...
about 20 miles a day, slow slow pace.  It's mostly cowboys
and roping saddles and QH from what I've been able to find.
 Do you think this will be a good practice ride?
Yes, absolutely.  Go for it.
I figure,
we're going to be snickered at just because of our breed,
so I'll use all my endurance gear (tights, english saddle,
et all) and really give them something to laugh at!
Don't pay any attention to what other people think.  And wear your helmet!!!  A friend of mine went on a wagon train and she was the only one wearing a helmet and she was the only one to have an accident on her horse and landed on her head!  (This is an extremely experienced rider, by the way.)  Thank goodness for the helmet.  Other people will be interested and you can explain about endurance riding to them.


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