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Re: RC: Tying?...what about leaving?

In a message dated 6/22/99 9:25:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<<  If one of the horses had been hurt
 nobody would have known where to contact them >>

This happened to our club; they  had a work/camp weekend; I got there early 
as did a few other people. Some woman pulled in with her trailer, unloaded a 
TB stud and a Belgian mare, proceeded to put them in an old dog pen, you know 
small square wire, one upgrade from chicken wire!  The she unhooked her 
trailer and left camp! Without saying anything to anyone!  We figured she was 
going to the store or something, an hour later I hear the horses making  
noise in the pen, decide to check on them and the stud is thrashing down, 
picking himself up and throwing himself into the fence, going nuts. A group 
of us work to get him out of this pen, several almost getting hurt, we get 
the horse out where he paws, throws himself on the ground, rolls violently, 
strikes out at the handlers.  We put 2 people on long lead ropes at the 
greatest distance possible.  In the meantime, NO OWNER!! It is now almost 2 
hours after she has left, I call my office and have my secretary dig out my 
phone list, call and leave a message on the owners answering machine.  We 
also decided to call a vet and managed to get a hold of the only vet in the 
area who would come out for an emergency call to an unknown client.  Needless 
to say, horsecamps are in remote locations and not on the vets regular route, 
so it takes the vet almost 2 hours to arrive.  Still NO OWNER!!   When the 
vet gets there, the horse is still thrashing, he has worn out numerous people 
taking turns trying to just hold onto him and keep him from hurting himself, 
he wants to get up and then throw himself  back to the ground continuously. 
Once the vet gets there, she diagnosis a twisted gut and tries to give the 
horse meds to relieve the pain.  Amazingly, after the vet has been there over 
an hour STILL without an OWNER, the horse starts to calm down and slowly 
improve over he next hour.  Just as the horse is looking better, up and 
calmly walking, eating grass, and drinking, guess what?  The owner decides to 
drive up, she gets out of her truck and as she is told the story of HER 
horses afternoon, she takes the lead rope and says;  "Oh,  he just eats 
anything!" and walks off.   Not one word of thanks or anything!!    The vet 
has to go to her to give her a bill AND she never paid it!!   Needless to say 
she is banned from all club activities.  

Sorry for making this soooo long, but you have struck a cord here, if you 
must leave your horses in camp, then please leave all the pertinent info with 
someone, RM or trailboss, whatever.   

Jackie Baker

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