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Re: RC: Tying inside the trailer

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999 14:06:14 -0500, Bob & Amber Roberts
<> wrote:

>I don't recall if this has been discussed.  I used to tie my horses
>inside the trailer when hauling them.  I used the trailer ties with
>panic snaps.  Then I read an article in John Lyons and he said he never
>ties unless he is hauling two horses that fight with each other.  Now I
>don't know if I should tie them or leave their heads loose.  What do
>y'all do?

Oh, boy.  This is another subject where people have opposing and
strongly-held opinions.

My take on it is, "It depends."  On the horse and the trailer.  I
never tie Kahlil, which may have saved his life when we rolled the
trailer on I-20 and he flipped completely over.  I have to tie Nykoss,
though, or he'd get himself into trouble and badger Kahlil.


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