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got a fat butt

obee kaybee ride campers
  I hope all ya'll can help me on this one. I reread the posts I have
received and wellllll wondering if someone can help me on this one. I have
tried all the fads including the phen phen ( yes i tested) but still need to
drop about 30# and donate it to my boob area. LOL
I used to run track 10 years ago and well wondering if anyone has any ideers
to help motivate a person to start running out there. I know there are some
runners out there I have seen your runners thighs!!! I still have them just
they turned to fat! I was so young and didn't have a care that I can't
remember that well how to control breathing etc.... I also know that there
are a few of you out there who are trying or have been recently. I want to
be in good shape not only for my rides but for me, my horse and all. I have
my shoes ready and well I am afraid of putting them devils on I don't wanna
burn out before I get started LOL so come on guys lets help poor me get into
people conditon so I can hit the Tevis in 2005 ( not gonna be my first 100.
undecided though what will be)  But the question was brought up about human
body conditoning. It really got me to thinking!!
 Just give me some good ideas You can email them to me no need to have a
huge debate on this and the benefits of runnning who has the best track or
road conditions. No need to have a hissy fit over the supplements to take
yohimbe vs dhea etc. just want the facts!!
also if anyone wants to share me some great GOOD stories let me know those
too about running. No I was running and got attacked by a herd of bear,
rabid antelope, mating moose and abducted by aliens all in one run-
carla (gets winded going 50ft to the mailbox) and baru ( who grunts when
mom gets on board)

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