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Re: RC: Proud flesh remedy?

When I was a kid in Texas, we had a horse slice his check open from point of shoulder to point of shoulder and it wasn't discovered until hours later.  The vet took one look and said he couldn't stich it and good luck.  Gave him a shot to help fight off infection, and told us it would scar badly.

Well, my shoer, and old local, insisted we try an old remedy his family had used on ranch horses forever.  So we did.  Sounded crazy, but something was needed.  He had us use bacon grease on it.  Ok, so the veterinarians on the list may shudder, but it healed very well, no proud flesh, no other care.  Our vet raised his eyebrows (really high) when we told him, but had to admit that what he didn't think would ever heal properly had not only healed, but didn't leave a scar at all.  We decided the bacon grease sealed the wound and kept the flies out of the heart of it, but that they tended to still be able to get at the edges, perhaps they ate away at any proud flesh and kept it clear, in any case, it worked.

Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 19:51:31 -0600
From: Lif Strand

 I just wanted to elaborate further on the proud flesh & exercise
thing.  My reasoning has been that if exercise didn't help prevent proud
flesh, then why do all those little nicks and scrapes our own horses get
never go to proud flesh?  Do BLM/feral/wild horses ever get proud flesh
on them?  What prevents it if not the exercise?
Karla Dick
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