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RE: Proud flesh remedy?

How truly irritating, I wrote a long reply to this note and managed to
delete the whole thing! Too lazy to write it all out again. Basicly, I
believe that humidity has a major role in formation of proud flesh. Have
personally observed semi- feral ranch horses on island of Tinian (South
Pacific and very humid) that had so much proud flesh it  turned your
stomach. We always had to be careful with cuts on any of the riding club
horses on Guam. Again, bought a horse out of a herd of Arabs in Central
Virginia (humid) that had lots of proud flesh on numerous horses. Both herds
roamed free in large area's. I also lived in NE Oregon, semi-arid, and
Nevada and Colorado and though I saw lots of nasty wire cuts, I truly can't
recall seeing any proud flesh to speak of.

A while back Michigan State Vet School did a research project on how wounds
heal with various treatments. They incised a group of horses or ponies with
identical cuts. One group was bandaged and daily had the wounds cleaned and
medicated, limited turn-out. This group had the fastest healing time but the
newly   closed wounds were most fragile and easily broken back open. Another
group was cleaned and medicated daily, minus wraps,  turn-out. The next
group was given daily hosing, no medication of wound, lived out. The last
group had nothing done to it at all, lived out. All groups healed in the end
about the same, the one group that had nothing done to it had a little more
scarring if I remember right.  The group that was daily hosed but otherwise
left alone was given the highest marks in the end I believe. Not mucking
about with medicating the wound seemed to actually promote faster healing
(less irritation to the wound) and the healing tissue was less fragile than
the bandaged horses. One note in the article was about the increased
likelyhood of proud flesh forming under bandages. It is a moister
environment under a bandage, for sure. Does anyone remember reading this
Bonnie Snodgrass
Southern Maryland

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> Subject:	RC:    Proud flesh remedy?
>  I just wanted to elaborate further on the proud flesh & exercise
> thing.  My reasoning has been that if exercise didn't help prevent proud
> flesh, then why do all those little nicks and scrapes our own horses get
> never go to proud flesh?  Do BLM/feral/wild horses ever get proud flesh
> on them?  What prevents it if not the exercise?
> I may not have emphasized in my post that I am talking about horses that
> have freedom to move around a lot, and do.  Our horses have never been
> on less than 50 acres, and all hilly.  Wild horses, of course, have even
> more space.
> I do see that wrapping would be necessary if a horse was in a paddock or
> stall and couldn't be turned out, but what about my theory that wrapping
> might not be necessary with enough exercise?   Thank you, Lif
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