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Re: Biltmore

I don't know where you started on the 50 but it wasn't what I would call
sedate!  2 horses went ballistic and one of the riders I was with got kicked
and we got caught in a traffice jam.  It was, however, a great ride after
everyone got going!  Have to figure on a little excitement with that many
horses. There were some exciting finishes!  This was my first year
there...however I have contributed $15.00 for the last 5!  Thanks are
definately due Anne and her "crew"! And prayers for Chris!

Lori Hayward
LIV2RYD in VA - resorted to borrowing a horse to get there this year!!!!!
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Date: Wednesday, May 12, 1999 10:47 AM
Subject: RC: Biltmore

>  As usual, Anne and group did an extraordinary job!  Trails were in great
>shape, especially after all the rain they got.  Of course, this kept some
>people away. But there were still around 150 total horses starting in both
>distances.  106-108 in the 50 and 41 or so in the 100.  You would think
>with 100+ horses the start would have been a nightmare.  But it wasn't.
>People sort of arranged themselves where they thought they should run.  And
>had a nice sedate start.  Amazing really.
>  Anne had 7 vets, Duane Barnett, Ray Randall, Tish Chisolm, Dwight Hooten,
>Mike Bridges, Lani Newcomb and Ken Marcella who was the treatment vet.  I
>personally was never held up. Never had to stand in line to see the vets.
>I'm sure there had to be some, but I don't think anyone was held up for
>  The trail at Biltmore is marked differently than most rides.  They have
>permanent markers, colored arrows.  And once you get used to it, pretty
>to follow.  It was really marked well too!  On one loop, on the 50, we rode
>below the Biltmore house.  It was an incredible thing to behold.  And the
>check is up on a hill, overlooking the house.
>  Goat and I started out at a fairly sedate pace.  And eased around the
>loop.  He recovered right away, so we paced several people in the vet
>The next loop was around 21-22 miles.  And I decided to let him move out a
>bit.  Catching several more on it and in the next vet check.  We went out
>the last loop in 11th/12th with Steven Baker.  Enjoyed riding with you
>Steven!  And ended up in 7th/8th place overall, just 13 minutes off the
>time.  I had no idea we had made up that much time on the leaders.
>  I'm really glad that Chris Rule is doing better.  Anne please keep us
>updated.  See you next year!!
>Nina Gibson and Saint Patrick Z (Goat)
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