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Biltmore Conditions?

O.K. It's panic time.  Here in Chattanooga we've had torrential rains and
thunderstorms.  The weather service shows rain today and tomorrow (along
with thunderstorms...and OUR lightning was heavy!)  

Question:  How much rain does it take for the French Broad River to
overflow its banks?  The first year I went there it had flooded and the
fields where we usually park were all under water.  That year they had to
take the 40 or so "flatter" miles and run them over the mountain too. 
The thought of 100 slick extremely mountainous miles makes me a little
nauseous right now.  Have any of you done the 100 in muddy conditions? 

 I cannot imagine them getting all the huge rigs that show up for this
ride into the field on the big hill.  Anybody know what's going on up

Angie (off to pack and fret)

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