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Re: Pre-riding Tevis in June

Sandra, thanks for the note,

> I am interested in preriding the Tevis trail in June  from Foresthill to
> Francisco's .
> Could tell me the distance and the best way to go about that?
> Also, do you know anyone pre-riding that portion during june?
> Sandra Scott.

There are a few options to choose from...

Plan A:  If you have someone who can move your rig after you start from
Foresthill, they can meet you at either White Oak Flat or at Drivers Flat.  From
your point of view, the length of your ride will be about the same: 20 miles,
more or less.

Plan B:  This is similar to Plan A, except your crew drives in a separate car to
either WOF or DF, leaves the car, jumps in your rig and you continue to
Foresthill.  After seeing you off, your crew drives the rig to WOF/DF, leaves
the rig (with the keys!) for you, takes their car and goes about their business.
For this option, DF is your best choice, it being much easier to get in and out
of with a rig. 

The DF turn off from the Foresthill Divide road is well marked and it's less
than 1/4 mile of graded road to the parking area.  WOF is not as easy.  For
driving directions, see the Fun Ride map at,

Plan C:  If you have no crew, you can leave your rig parked in Foresthill (folks
there are very horse-friendly.)  Ride a circle through Francisco's and White Oak
Flat, back through Todd Valley picking up the Foresthill Divide road to get back
to your rig.  Total distance is about 27 miles, round trip.  

The Plan C option is a bit tricky if you are not familiar with the trail through
Todd Valley Estates (a hilly suburban development where the roads meander around
with the sole purpose of getting you lost!)  The riding route out of WOF is to
follow the vehicle road north for about 1/2 mile and bear off onto the old
single track WS trail on your right.  You will come to a paved road which you
must follow downhill about 100 yds and then pick up the trail again to your
left.  When you get to Todd Valley Rd, make a left, leaving the WS trail. Follow
the road up the hill (about 1/2 mile) to the Divide Road, where there is a broad
trail on the shoulder all the way back into Foresthill. Your approximate route
is shown on this map:

As for connecting with riders who will be doing this leg of the Ride in June,
you can just show up at the California Street trailhead in Foresthill between
9am and noon any Saturday or Sunday and link up with whoever else shows up.  If
you happen to be first, you won't have to wait very long.

Natalie has a June 11-12 booking and will be guiding her guests along that
section (most likely) during the weekend.  Yours truly will be crew, executing
Plan B.

NOTE:  Construction work is underway to widen and straighten lengthy sections of
the Foresthill Divide road between Auburn and Foresthill.  Expect some delays
and rough road surfaces for most of the summer.

/richard, teviswebguy

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