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Re: RC: RE: Rescues... what is Sam's story?

We have always had the best luck getting dogs from the pound...from the aged
purebred Great Dane that was a 130 lb 'lap' dog to the one we just got here
in Texas...a gorgeous purebred German Shepard that's smart as a whip and
still a puppy {but a big one!}

For the purebred lovers...those dogs are at the pound, too, right along with
the Heinz 57 dogs that we all know make great pets...and for a purebred you
can't beat the cost!

We also ended up with a very pregnant hog hunting type dog that someone
dumped here...which, of course, we adopted {how come when you're a sucker
for animals the word spreads quicker than a wildfire?} if anyone wants
some lovely spotted {Appaloosa!} puppies of questionable heritage....drop me
a line - we'll deliver in Northeast Texas! {the momma is a great horseback
riding companion - while pregnant she did 10 mile loops with us quietly and
not crashing through the brush like other dogs....and she's extremely
protective but not barky - she almost never barks}


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