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Re: RC: Tendon Injuries

Get yourself up to Gainsville, Howard. You're here in Central Fl.right?

We are so fortunate to have the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the
University of Fl. ready, able and willing with the latest in high tech
equipment and Board Certified vets, radiologists, etc. to diagnose and
direct the program of treatment and recovery for our equine athlete

They know us Endurance riders pretty well up there <G>! Dr. Jim Bryant
who has been judging a LOT of Fl. rides (and is good) is finishing up
his surgical residency there...we usually call on Jim to see us.

The phone # is: (352) 392-4741 Ext. 4000. You can make an appt. and
request Dr. Bryant if you wish.If he is not available, trust them to
take good care of you and your horse. It's a fabulous facility! And the
prices are not out of line for the work done.

Inverness, Fl.

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