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Tendon Injuries

OK all you experts.  I need your help.  My horse injured a tendon last 
December.  I've laid off of him mostly till then with just a little riding to 
keep him honest.  The swelling has gone down substantially.  My problem is 
when do you know it's healed as much as it will be?  When can I start riding 
again?  Will it ever be even with the tendon of the other front leg?  

I've tried everything to get it back to normal that I could find.  Used the 
"linament" recipe on, hosed the leg, iced the leg, etc.  Not 
sure what worked, if any of it did.  Just not riding and time probably helped 
the most.

Will it ever go back to where it was?  I really want to ride him this fall in 
a 25, he's so competitive.  It's my Saddlebred, the one in my stories.  

Help, PLease.

Howard & Dance Line (I leap over silly Arabs)

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