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Re: RC: Almost a fit

Hi Anne,

I was riding Mike Mauls mare for a while, and the Sport slid on her too.
We got an Orthoflex crupper, and it seemed to work fine although I
didn't use it with her... Mike, any comments?

Linda wrote:
> Borrowed Linda Keene's Sport Saddle this past week and finally was able to
> take Dyskrete out in it.  We had the best sweat pattern we have ever had, on
> her, with this saddle.  I have tried 4 different saddles on her and always
> had pressure points and dry patches show up.  The only problem I had with the
> Sport Saddle was sliding forward on the downhill (about 6") had to get off
> and reset the saddle.  I see that there are reverse wedge pads for sale in
> one of the catalogs.  I haven't ever used one  but thought it might help.
> ANy words of wisdom from those who may have tried these??
> I think I also will need to finally break down and use a crupper.  Any advice
> on crupper training??
> Anne & the Horses in Montana
> Dyskrete, Stuffy, Hadia & Tifla

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  Gilroy CA 95020

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