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Almost a fit


Borrowed Linda Keene's Sport Saddle this past week and finally was able to 
take Dyskrete out in it.  We had the best sweat pattern we have ever had, on 
her, with this saddle.  I have tried 4 different saddles on her and always 
had pressure points and dry patches show up.  The only problem I had with the 
Sport Saddle was sliding forward on the downhill (about 6") had to get off 
and reset the saddle.  I see that there are reverse wedge pads for sale in 
one of the catalogs.  I haven't ever used one  but thought it might help.  
ANy words of wisdom from those who may have tried these??

I think I also will need to finally break down and use a crupper.  Any advice 
on crupper training??

Anne & the Horses in Montana
Dyskrete, Stuffy, Hadia & Tifla

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