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Re: RC: Large Eyes


Hilda may have something, but I wouldn't limit it to Arabians!  The
worst shyer I ever rode was my first endurance mare, a wonderful well
bred QUARTER mare.  She was(as I described her) a "professional" shyer!
I never did really break her of it, I just learned to ride her very
'alertly!"  She did one of her 90 degree spins in front of a neighbor
once, and he asked me"Doesn't that give you whiplash?"  Maybe that's why
my back is  a wreck.....She too was very 'catty" and had beautiful big
eyes.  I always thought maybe she had something wrong, but the vet could
find nothing.  Usually I ignored her and "legged" her on, not to make a
big deal out of time a friend and I were conditioning
and things were a bit boring and flat.  She AND the friend's horse
started to shy at COWPIES	 on the trail.  We DID smack them and yell at
them for THAT!As you might imagine, I was terrified at my first
endurance ride at what she'd find to shy at there.  However, she did NOT
shy at that ride, or ANY other  ride in her l000+ miles (including
Tevis).  She was always all business and out to "get the job done" at
rides.So--I never really found a REAL answer.....
Lauren & Allan Horn wrote:
> I just read an interview with Hilda Gurney (dressage trainer) and her
> thoughts on arabians. She mentioned that she stays away from the "large
> eyed" arabians as she has found them to be spooky and near sighted. As
> an owner with two arabs (one normal headed, one exotic arab head with
> large eyes) I say Hilda may be right. Our large eyed arab can be spooky
> and I've often said that I think he has a seeing problem. Anyone care to
> comment?
> Lauren
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